World’s First Electric Ferrari

An “obscene concept” is how Ferrari CEO Sergio Marchionne describes the conversion of a classic 1978 Ferrari 308GTE into an electric vehicle.  It’s certainly not the “Magnum P.I.” car driven by Tom Selleck.   As reported by Matthew Knight for CNN, the car is the work of Eric Hutchison and the crew at California based Electric GT.  Purchased for $10,,000, the Ferrari was a burned out wreck, the victim of a fuel leak and fire, abandoned on a California highway.   It was the perfect vehicle for electric conversion, an idea that was hatched during a conversation over beer between Hutchison and a few friends.   Hutchinson claims the Ferrari’s tube frame is ideal for handling the power and torque produced by the three Hi Performance Electric Vehicle Systems AC51 motors that propel the car.  According to Electric GT,  the motors produce the equivalent of 415 hp and 330 ft/lbs of torque.  Currently the car’s range is only 150 miles but the Electric GT team is working to expand that.  The 308’s power and upgraded suspension make it a great car for the track.  In this year’s Leguna Seca Re-fuel Races, the car placed third in the event’s conversion class, clocking a 2:11:648 lap time.  A Honda fit EV, running in the Production GT class posted fastest time, lapping the track  in a bit over 1:56

Electric GT says it’s committed to converting classic cars into electric vehicles.  For more on the company and  the world’s first electric Ferrari here’s the Electric GT’s website:

Want to read Matthew Knight’s original CNN story?

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