Why did you buy your first Porsche? Todd Fischer

Here’s another great submission to share for our new segment…


Todd Fischer

Porsches owned:  Too many to recall!

Current cars:  Four.  A 1959 356 Convertible D (one of only 1330); 1970 914/6 (one of only 3332);  2004 550 addition 986 Boxster S (one of only 1953) and a 2004 Cayenne S (one of the many!)

It was 1969 in Bayreuth, West Germany.  I had just returned from a stint in the Air Cav Squadron of the 11th Armored Cav in Vietnam.  I had saved most of my pay there and decided, while I was between tours, to reward myself with something other than the Mustang at the next assignment.  It had to be Teutonic since I would be driving those lovely roads in my Father’s land (he was born in Germany).  I ordered the 911 just the way I wanted it and with the exterior color of Irish Green.  That was probably August of ’69.  About a month later, I got a call from the Officer’s Club that one Norbert Singer was there to see me from the Porsche Groβhandler, in Nuremberg.  He asked how long I was to be in Germany.  When I told him about 3 years he told me that I would need to be seen on the Autobahn and the order was promptly changed to Tangerine.  I took delivery 9 months later at the factory with my “baby”.  And yes, I hardly had to flash my lights…the slower cars got out of the way when they saw that red-orange ball coming.


Editor’s note:  If you’d like to share the story of why you purchased your first Porsche, feel free to jot those down in 150 words or less and send me an email to me at bryanhollenbaugh@aol.com.  Photos are welcome, too!

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