Why did you buy your first Porsche? Sean McCullough

Sean McCullough

Number of Porsches owned:  2

Current car:   1964 356C

Although I was asked to write about “my first Porsche”, our current 356C is actually my 2nd Porsche.  I owned a 1960 Super 90 in 1966, but sold it when I went off to school (But here’s a better story behind #2).

After graduating in 1972, I worked for GE in the Cape Canaveral area. On a hot early evening, while crossing Merritt Island, I pulled up next to a metallic blue 356C at a stop light.  I rolled down the window of my air-conditioned company car and asked the woman if she knew anyone that had a 356 that they would like to sell (her windows were open since 356 Porsches did not come with AC).  She was appeared quite warm and moist with a visible drop of perspiration on her cheek and said loudly, “meet me at the next parking lot”.

When she got out of the Porsche I could see she was pregnant and had a small child with her in the car.  Since their family was apparently outgrowing the Porsche (the back seats were a mere suggestion, large enough for a dog) and the interior was very worn – we settled on a purchase price of $1,100.

Editor’s note:  If you’d like to share your story, send it over to me in 150 words (or less) at bryanhollenbaugh@aol.com and I’ll post for as long as they roll in.  If you’ve got a photo of your first, by all means, do share!

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