Why did you buy your first Porsche? John Eaton

John Eaton

Porsches owned: 1

Current car: 2001 Base Boxster

I was stationed in Germany for three years during the late sixties.  There was a Major who would drive his silver 911 on the flight line; block the wheels ( that was a reg); inspect his F4, then drive off before his flight time. This went on two or three times a week and I was very envious.  I had a BMW, but it just was not the same.  I also had a German friend who ran a car lot.  He would let me drive anything on the lot;  Porsche was the first pick.  Drove 911’s, 914-6 and others.  The hook was set.  Now 40 years later I finally have a Porsche.  Just a used ‘01 Boxster, but a Porsche none the less.  Enjoying the hell out of it!


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