Why did you buy your first Porsche? Gary Richards

Gary Richards

Porsches Owned: 2

Current Car: 2013 Boxster S

A kid’s love affair with cars (I could name every make and model);  an endlessly played 24 Hours of LeMans board game; a late night ride on a country road in an air-cooled, tail-wagging 911:  The seeds of a love affair with Porsches.  They sprouted in 2001 at a retirement dinner for a very good friend.  As my wife and I pulled into the restaurant parking lot, I was puzzled.  There was Charlie, leaning against a new 2001 Guards Red Boxster.  On an English teacher’s salary?  “My retirement present to myself after 32 years of teaching”, he said.  Charlie knew I loved cars.  “ Want to take it for a drive? We have a few minutes before dinner” (Apologies to the guests for taking more than a few).  Standing in the lot, smiling broadly, waiting for us to return, was Joe, our former student. “Like my new car?”, he asked. Duped! After graduating, Joe started his own business- and was doing very well.  Lots of laughs at a great practical joke.  Maybe someday, I told myself…

P.S.  Joe still owns his Boxster- only 10K miles after 16 years. Needs to do some Drive and Dines…


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