Why did you buy your first Porsche? Chris Pedersen

Chris Pedersen

Number of Porsches owned:  1

Current car:  1999 Boxster

My love for Porsche all started when I was very young.  My parents good friends David and Susan owned a red/orange 1970  Porsche  911.   I think I was around five years old when I fell in love with the simple beauty of the shape. I admired it from a far for several years before I took  my first ride.  Susan picked me up from somewhere in the Porsche.  It was the 70’s so I sat in the front seat unbelted as she drove me home. On the way, we stopped for gas at the full-service station.  I vividly remember watching the gas station attendant fill the tank. I thought it was so cool that they filled it right in front of me. I knew nothing  about the rear engine, the front trunk or the handling and power. It was the sound and the shape that I loved.  It was at that time I set a goal to one day own a Porsche.  Over the years my desire to own one stayed with me. In the late 90s when the Boxster came out I began to prep my wife for the inevitable purchase.  She had owned a VW convertible when we were married and loved the freedom it represented. Every time I saw a Boxster I would say to her “you would look so good in that car.” Nearly forty years after that original ride I was able to make good on my childhood dream of owning a Porsche.  After three months of searching, I purchased my Arctic Silver Metallic 1999 Porsche Boxster in February of 2013.  I immediately became a PCA member and joined the Hudson Champlain Region so I could utilize my car as it was intended. I participate regularly in PCA autocross events and thoroughly enjoy the people I have met and the things I have learned.  I participated in the 48 Hours at the Glenn Driver Education event allowing me to check off another lifelong dream of driving a Porsche on a race track.


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