Why did you buy your first Porsche? Chris Klapper

Chris Klapper

Number of Porsches owned:  3

Current cars:  2006 Basalt Black Cayman S and 1986 Guards Red 944

Having always been a Lotus fan, I attained my dream car, a 1994 Lotus Esprit S4.  As marvelous as the car is, it is not a car one can take to our child’s school for concerts, sporting events, etc…

So, the search was on for an everyday driver sports car. The answer, of course, was the Porsche 996. And what an answer it was!  A beautiful 2001 Orient Red with Cinnamon interior.  We drove the car pretty much year-round for 9 years. We learned to Autocross and drive on the track with it, as well.  And every time we drove it somewhere, it just felt and sounded marvelous. That car converted us to the “dark side”… and Linda and I are glad it did!


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