Why did you buy your first Porsche? Adam Wright

It didn’t take long to receive our first submission.  Adam Wright shares his story of how he came to own his first Porsche:

Adam Wright

Porsches owned:  Too many to recall an exact number

Current cars: Six.  1960 B Roadster; 1995 993; 1958 A Coupe (won Daytona in ’66-67); 1971 914; currently building a 904 (based on an IMSA 914/6); and an aluminum 550 Spyder (based on a C Coupe chassis).  The fun never stops!

“Because I got a check in the mail.  It was a loan check.  I was 19 and my brother and I went Porsche shopping.  He was going to keep the car; changed his mind, so I got it… a 1975 911S. I was hooked.”



Editor’s note:  If you’d like to share your story, send it over to me in 150 words (or less) at bryanhollenbaugh@aol.com and I’ll try to post a couple of these each week, for as long as they roll in.  If you’ve got a photo of your first, by all means, do share!

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