PCA Judge Calls Blog “Fantastic”

The verdict is in- Open Roads caught the attention of judges in the year’s PCA Newsletter competition.  Our blog didn’t win an award- what we’re doing simply doesn’t fit the criteria by which other submissions were judged.  Open Roads, with it’s ability to handle media and to translate so well to mobile devices, is something other club’s  simply aren’t doing.  Because we were neither fish nor fowl in the competition, our overall score was low.  However, one of the judges was compelled to write, “I feel the need to add a comment about your blog and this score: I think your blog is FANTASTIC. It is difficult to judge in terms of this competition and the elements we are to judge on, and in it not being a cohesive website. Your blog is an amazing, interactive newsletter.  I’m very impressed.”  Nice to hear.

Let’s keep up the good work.  Our Club offers so much- autocross, drive and dines, DE, Weekend Getaways. The list goes on.   I’m thinking of the Amish community and the raising of a barn.  Everyone pitches in.  Please- consider pitching in by contributing to our blog in any way you can.  Take a cell phone photo to post.  Write a short piece about a Porsche experience you’ve had. Say something about your car. If you go to an event, become a reporter- send me a few notes and I’ll write a story. There’s so much going on and so many people to capture the action.  We are over 600 strong.  If we all pitch in and “raise” our blog, it will truly be fantastic. If you want to reach me regarding Open Roads, email me at newsletter@hcp-pca.com.  I’d love to hear from you.

A great thanks to those who have helped with Open Roads so far and a thanks to our president, Jim Morgan, for his efforts in submitting Open Roads for judging.


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