New 911 Unveiled at Auto Museum

HCP members were well represented among the over three hundred people who ventured to the Saratoga Auto Museum on April 8th for the unveiling of Porsche’s new 911, hosted by Porsche of Clifton Park.  The event was the area’s first look at the latest generation of  Porsche’s iconic car which sports a new six-cylinder twin-turbo charged engine that Porsche designed from the ground up. The engine in the 911 Carrera generates 20 more horsepower and 43 lb.-ft. more torque that the flat-six it replaces- all while achieving better fuel economy.  With a manual transmission, Porsche claims the car will take you to 6o mph in 4.4 seconds.   The engine in the S model kicks perfomance up another notch using larger turbochargers and an independent exhaust system.  Good food and drink and a great setting complimented the presence of the 911’s.  A great night out for car-lovers.

Here’s a look at the event.  A great thanks to Patty and Paul Budlong for the photos…

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