July 19th Ice Cream Drive Is On!


Sunday, July 19th at 10:30am

We are pleased to (finally) announce our first social driving event of 2020.  We will drive out Rt 20 to Sharon Springs to Dairyland for a lunch/ice cream stop returning through Cobleskill and Rt 7 back to the Albany area.  Please thoroughly read all the following details.

We hope you can join!

1. Where do we meet up:  Hannaford Supermarket, 5239 Western Turnpike, Altamont, NY 12009 (at intersection of Western Ave and Rt. 146)

2. When do we meet up:  10:30am to sign the general PCA waiver, the new PCA COVID waiver (print in color from here: link), use restrooms, etc.  We will depart Hannaford’s promptly at 11:00am.

3. What is required:  Dairyland requires a face mask to be worn for food service.  We will maintain social distancing as appropriate.  I suggest you bring a camp chair, sunscreen, hats.  The plan is that we will have a designated parking area on their lawn.

4.  How long will the drive be?:  Leave Hannaford at 11:00am; arrive at Sharon Springs at 11:45am; eat / socialize until ~1:15pm; back to Albany area by ~2:15pm.

5.  Rain?  We’ll monitor the forecast but will plan to go unless the forecast is for a high % of heavy rain / storms.  Please check your email and the blog @ https://hcpblog.pca.org/

6.  Questions?  Email: hcppca1959@gmail.com

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