Janice’s Porsche Sells for Record Amount

The record for the highest  amount ever paid for a 356c at a public auction was shattered when Janis Joplin’s Porsche sold for $1.76 million dollars on December 10th at Southeby’s in New York City.  Celebrity ownership of a car doesn’t always force bidding up; Joplin’s car was different.  So identified with the singer and 6o’s counter-culture, the car sold for three times the amount Southeby’s anticipated- over $18K for each of the 96 horses the car’s engine produces.  The Joplin family decided to sell the car to raise money to support a number of social programs in Janice’s name.  Seven bidders competing for the car pushed the price to its record height.  The name of the winning bidder has not be announced.

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