Hudson Champlain hosts first Zone 1 Weekend

By Chris Klapper —

The Hudson Champlain Region recently hosted the first PCA Zone 1 Weekend Getaway, September 29-October 1.  WOW, our region did us proud!

Activities began that Friday afternoon at the Gideon Putnam Hotel with George Earle, Donna Hughes, Joshua Klapper, Linda Klapper and Peter Ulfik assisting to get the weekenders parked, registered and ready for the weekend. That evening the group both toured and dined at the Saratoga Auto Museum.  To be the first group to see the new exhibit “Wheels at Work”, proved to be an awesome experience to share with Zone 1 visitors; highlighted by a great moment when the group celebrated the evening with Chuck and Joyce Gladle, marking their 55th wedding anniversary.

After a hearty Saturday breakfast, the group gathered, and a train of 45 Porsches headed out to drive the east side of Lake George with the destination of Fort Ticonderoga ahead.  A little chill and rain was in the air but did not dull the excitement of the drive of a huge caravan. The mid-point stop on our trip was in the town of Fort Ann.  Upon learning we would be stopping in town, the community offered to open their fire station for our use that morning.  By the time the group reached Ticonderoga, the rain had ceased and participants were able to explore the rich history Fort Ticonderoga provides.  On the return trip, it was quite a site to see the Northway rest stop just below Exit 17, stacked with Porches 4 to 5 in a row.  It was amazing an area that seemed deserted all of a sudden have people come out of nowhere to take pictures of the beautiful array of cars.

Thank you to Louis Dahoda, Tatyana Darrius, Matt Rutten, Audrey Engelsberg, Mike and Pam Bryan; Chuck and Joyce Gladle, Kurt Drottar, Laura Bakalyar, Andy Dorman, Amanda Brinke, John Pelerin, Allan Schwartz, and Linda Klapper for being the awesome lead/follow team that kept things together and moving during the day’s event.

Sunday morning the group again gathered and traveled north to the beautiful Sagamore to enjoy a fabulous lunch overlooking the lake, mountains and stunning hotel grounds.  Once again, the Hudson Champlain volunteers made sure the trip up to the Sagamore came off without a hitch. Thank you, Louis Dahoda, Tatyana Darrius, Mike and Pam Bryan, Chuck and Joyce Gladle, Kurt Drottar, Laura Bakalyar, Aaron and Amelia Ambrosino, and Linda Klapper.

Stories of the weekend and budding friendships filled the air as the weekend gathering came to a close. The overwhelming consensus was that the weekend was a great success and those in attendance can’t wait for next year’s event.

The Gauntlet has been thrown by the Hudson Champlain Region and the standard for hosting a Zone getaway has been set. The incredible number of compliments to the region by attendees was overwhelming.  I wish luck to the next region in which the Zone 1 Weekend Getaway is hosted. They will have large expectations to live up too.  A fantastic job by every volunteer!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

(Photos courtesy of Chris & Linda Klapper)

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