HCP Calendar of Events Listing

Welcome to HCP’s events calendar.  Here you’ll find information on all Club activities for the year.  You can search for events in the categories that interest you by using the drop down list; or, you can scroll through the calendar in day, week or month views.  You’ll find special or one time events such as the annual dinner, the fall weekend getaway and the holiday party listed under OTHER CLUB EVENTS.  Please note: categories do not appear in the drop down list unless an event from that category is posted on the calendar.  Your can also search the calendar, as well as the entire site, for areas of interest by clicking on the magnifying glass in the upper right hand corner of all pages.

You can link the Club’s calendar to your personal Google, Apple, or Outlook calendar so you don’t miss a thing.  Select the calendar you’d like to link by using the drop down menu in the “Add” box that appears  under UPCOMING EVENTS on Open Road’s main page or use the “Subscribe to Filtered Calendar” box that appears on the calendar page.