Board of Director Nominees

If you’ve not already received a letter from our nomination committee, please be looking out for it in your physical mailbox, as it’s time to vote for our board of directors.  This is done via formal mail (aka “snail mail”) to comply with PCA mandates.  We ask that you return your ballot (via snail mail) to the attention of nominee committee member Mike Tucker.  With your ballot, there is an addressed return envelope to Mike’s address.

In the meantime, our nominees have provided biographical details about themselves and their participation in our club:

President – Chris Klapper

Born and raised in Schenectady NY I am a lifetime resident of the area. I attended college at Schenectady County Community College and Valparaiso University. I am presently employed by General Electric, as a Materials Technician specializing in alloy development and magnetic properties of materials.
I have always been in love with sports and speed having played Basketball Baseball Tennis in high school, and Baseball, Soccer and Tennis in college. My biggest sports thrill to date is being involved with United States Bobsled Team from 1985-1987 and participating in the 1986 World Cup 4 man competition (ask me about it sometime!).

My family, Linda and my 3 children are the joys of my life. I enjoy music, artwork and traveling when possible
I have been actively involved with HCP-PCA for over 7 years. On the regional level:

·         planning routes and leading drives,  stepping in on short notice to lead drive & dine events 
·         participating and helping with autocross events, 
·         attending HCP and other regions DE events at multiple tracks, locations
·         2013-15:  HCP Autocross Chair expanded the program and increased  number of  events each year and grew

HCP members  participation

·         2015-17:Vice President HCP Region
·         2015: Became licensed to race in PCA Club Racing
·         2016: Started working with Tire Rack’s Street Survival course for teenage drivers with other regions/clubs
·         2016 Attained National certified instructor status with PCA

I have worked on the Zone 1 level in many ways:

  • 2011-13: tech support for the Scrutineers PCA Zone1 Clash at theGlen
  • 2014-15: Fixed operations assistant at the Zone 1 “Clash at the Glen”
  • 2015 on: Participating in PCA club racing (what a blast!) currently running in SP1
  • 2015: Attended zone 1 concourse
  • 2015-16: Lead volunteers at PCA Zone 1 48hrs at the Glen
  • 2016: lead volunteer coordinator Zone 1 “Clash at the Glen
  • 2017: Put together Initial Zone 1 Weekend Getaway 3day event

I believe my board exposure to the many facets of PCA membership serves me well in understanding the many varied interests of PCA members. I understand there is a balance to be struck and fine lines to be walked to keep such a varied number of interests happy. I understand that the health and growth of the Hudson Champlain Region are the main responsibilities of the President.  Also the wellbeing and growth of, PCA and Zone 1. That by effectively working with Hudson Champlain’s membership as well as national and regional staff the goal of growing and strengthening the club can be achieved.

Vice President – Lydia Marlow

This is a short synopsis of latest accomplishments and positions of responsibility I held in recent years, which will serve as background consideration as to my qualifications for the position of Vice President of the Hudson Champlain Porsche Club.  I have been an extremely active and diversified club member since my husband Stephen and I joined HCPC.  I served as Activities Committee Chair with my husband for two years (planning all club trips and activities), and have been a very active club member.  I also served as Secretary for HCP the past four years.  During my membership, I have attended over 95% of all monthly meetings, helped to plan & help carry out club activities in a volunteer capacity, and participated in almost the majority of all monthly day trips held.  I was involved in helping build the over-night 3-day weekend trips program and have attended all but one since they were created.  I am co-owner of two Porsches (1986 930 Wide Body Turbo and 2104 Cayman S).   My career has been exclusively as a pharmacist, in both military and civilian capacities.  My current civilian position is as a Pharmacist for Express Scripts.  My last military position held was as a Pharmacist (grade Major).  I was responsible for coordinating efforts of pharmacy operations at clinic and hospital levels.  I also served in additional duty capacity as USAF Academy Liaison Officer for over 15 years.  During that period I was the Upstate NY Area Deputy Commander over six years and Area Commander four years (geographic area covering 57 counties w/ over 950 schools & 60 plus officers working for me to support USAFA recruiting effort).  Current Status: Retired USAF (after 21 years of reserve service).  I recently retired from my position as an Independent Consultant to the NYS Office of Developmental Services. 

Having been a member of the club over 12 years, I have seen many good people take this club to newer and greater heights each year.   During my membership with the club, I have seen there are three groups develop within the club; those who track, the socials, and those who participate in both.  The happiness of all are equally important in sustaining that outstanding quality of life we have experienced in the past to keep satisfying our current members, and the need to continue to offer to bring in new members.  From those groups we have had many volunteers, who help make these areas shine; I have always been a social type volunteer (although my one track experience was a GREAT one, and I would enjoy another shot at that venue) and would be a strong advocate for those folks who enjoy that side of the house (we have a strong group that already who mentors and pushes for quality track events).   Both of my two boys are now grown and on their own, and having enjoyed my positions with HCP, I would like to continue to take active role in helping to make our club stay the best chapter in PCA; I believe hard work will keep it there.  Being in a support role as VP, I feel would allow me the opportunity to serve and help sustain the efforts of those who did so much, so well before us.  It is our club and we need to work to keep it the kind of club that keeps enticing others to join and current member to stay.  I have reached that time in my life I have more time available to contribute, that I can be of further use to the club and its membership, and position of VP is the channel I am seeking to help carry those ideas out.  I would be most honored to serve and would perform those duties in a positive manner to those other members of this great club. I appreciate your time and support.

Treasurer – Audrey Englesberg

I have been a member HCP member since 2012. I am active in DE, Autocross and am one of Autocross minions in charge of donuts, liability forms and being the Observer for those events. Apart from balancing the checkbook using Quicken;  underwriting Porsche acquisitions by astute analysis of the stock market; and working as a senior manager negotiating complex technology agreements at Globalfoundries which also includes business case analysis, I have the skills to manage the books and provide a balanced view to keep our club financially healthy.

Secretary – John Pellerin
My name is John Pellerin and I have been a member of the Hudson Champlain region since 2011 after moving to Saratoga Springs in June 2010 and getting my first Porsche.  Since that time, I am now on my third Porsche and enjoy and appreciate all that our club has to offer.  Throughout this time, I have had the opportunity to participate in and volunteer for several of the clubs activities including Autocross, DEs, and Zone 1 events.  These opportunities have motivated me to seek further ways in which I can serve our club and I seek your support as club Secretary.  I look forward to this opportunity to work with fellow officers and members of the HCP region to continue to offer and develop more great experiences for all club members.


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