A Letter From President Ken Blass

The club has embarked on an entirely new and exciting form of member communication. The Air-Cooled Advertiser has been replaced by Open Roads – the new Hudson Champlain Region Blog.


I hope that you will enjoy this more contemporary, colorful, timely and mobile compatible form of communication. The blog format allows the club to deliver articles and photos of events, members and cars in a much more immediate timeframe, as well as make them accessible in a more interesting and interactive form.


You will be able to access the blog from any web-enabled device, much the same way you would any mobile compatible website. Monthly, you will receive an email blast containing a link to the blog to remind you to check out new information and photos on recent track, autocross, Drive & Dine and social events. Just click on the link and you are there. But also remember that you can bookmark that link, as the blog is always available, and will have photos and information added on a continual/rolling basis.


Our new Communications Director, Gary Richards has worked long and hard writing what is essentially a 2015 year-in-review. Gary has many great ideas for how to make Open Roads a standout among region newsletters/magazines/blogs nationwide, but he would like your help. Whether you have story ideas, can help write an article, or have interesting photos from an HCP, Zone 1, or PCA event, please lend a hand.


Our club continues to grow and evolve. This new blog is just one example of the club changing to better serve you. We average about five new members a month and total membership is now over 610. The club is here for you. The more you get involved the more you can benefit. Come try autocross or one of our driver education (DE) track events to see what your car is really capable of in a safe and controlled environment. Enjoy a dinner out at our monthly dinner meetings. Explore our region on one of our Drive & Dines, or kick back and get to know other Hudson Champlain Region members at one of our many social events or annual Weekend Get-a-Way.


Finally, as my two-year term as Region President comes to an end, I want to thank you. Serving as your president has been a pleasure. I have had a fantastic board who’s work has made my job easy. They have been engaged, enthusiastic, well prepared and hard working. Club members have been involved and helpful and we have seen new records set in attendance at club events.


The newly elected executive board for 2016/17 will be:

Jim Morgan, President. Chris Klapper, Vice President. Will Waldron, Treasurer.

Lydia Marlow, Secretary and Ken Blass, Past President.


It is your cub and I encourage you to get involved. I wish you and your family a very safe and Happy Holidays.



Ken Blass




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