A Ferrari Family Car?

This one caught my eye.  According to a CNN report,  Ferrari is making a family car. The company unveiled the V-8 equipped GTC4Lusso T at the Paris auto show this week. According to the company, the car is intended to provide a fun and exciting driving experience, even at low speeds.  Huh? Low speeds with a car that puts out 602 HP and races to 60  mph in 3.5 seconds?  Make sure the kids are buckled in their car seats the dog is tied down. Although it’s a family car, it’s unlikely that many families will be cruising to the beach in one given the car’s $260,000 price tag.  Will a station wagon be next?

If you’re the sort that thinks Ferrari and family car don’t belong in the same sentence, take heart.  The company also brought its newest convertible to the Paris show, the LaFerrari Aperta.  The car is the soft-top  brother [sister?] to the  hybrid LaFerrari, a 950 HP supercar that will reach 217 MPH top and drain $2.2 million from your bank account.  Not to worry though- all of the 200 LaFerraris offered for sale were snatched up  before Ferrari even announced the car’s debut.

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